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Andrew Bryant is a Global Authority on Self-leadership. His #1 value is transformation and whether he is working with Fortune 500 Companies, Women-in-Leadership programs, or helping disadvantaged teenagers, he is passionate about creating positive change. Andrew has inspired audiences as large as 12,000, facilitated breakthrough learning sessions for senior leaders and coached CEO’s of Silicon Valley startups. He is the author of ‘Self-Leadership: How to Become a More Successful, Efficient and Effective Leader from the Inside Out’ (McGraw-Hill 2012) and Self Leadership -12 Powerful Mindsets to win in Life and Business (Amazon 2016) Living in Asia for the last 15-years and working globally, Andrew has insights and perspective on what it takes to be an effective entrepreneur and leader of people in a multi-cultural world.

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My goal is to create an awareness of how important mind management is when it comes to getting to the next levels of success in our life and careers. Cultivating a strong growth mindset foundation can literally change your life. What success is possible for you?

Would you help me spread this message by sharing this training with others who could benefit from the skills necessary to practice managing the mind, so that connection, leadership and high performance is accessed with joy and ease? What success is possible for them?

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